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The Reputation module is responsible for requesting, maintaining and managing client feedback once they have completed a job for your leads. In essence, it is designed to increase the number of positive reviews and decrease the number of negative reviews for each company you have listed in Lead Generated.

In order to utilise this section of Lead Generated, you must first ensure you have a Company setup and activated. If you have not already done this you can follow the create a company support guide. Whilst Lead Management does flow into the Reputation module for future leads, you do not need this setup initially as you can manually add request reviews using a leads email address.

Step by Step Guide

On the left hand navigational menu, click on "Reputation". This will reveal all the components available in the module for you to manage your reviews. Below each component is given a brief description with a link to a more detailed support guide.

All Companies

This section is where all the companies you have created in the Add New Company settings setup section are listed for use in the  Reputation module. Before you are able to use this module, you will need to activate the company using one of your Reputation credits.

The data shown is a high-level overview of the number of connected review sites, what those sites are (e.g Google), how many reviews each company has, the last time a review was left, and the average review rating. If your company is activated, you will have a "View" button in the far right-hand column. Clicking this will take you to the Dashboard.


This section provides a number of widgets that relate to the remaining sections in the Reputation navigational menu and provides a snapshot of the company's reputation status. Each widget has a "View All >" in the top right hand corner. Clicking on this will take you to the corresponding navigational menu option for that widget. So if you click on View All on the Reviews Summary widget it will take you to the "Reviews" section from the menu. There is also a "∧" in the top right hand corner. Clicking this will minimise that particular widget from view. You can maximise it again by clicking the "X" that appears.

To learn more about how to use the widgets and data overview follow the detailed "Reputation Dashboard" support guide


The Funnel section is engine that drives the Reputation module. Here you can create the look and feel for the review requests and also configure how bad reviews are managed. You can choose between stars, faces and thumbs up/down. Good reviews can be passed directly to your public review sites, e.g. Google; Facebook or a custom site of your choosing. Bad reviews can be directed to the Feedback component. This prevents negative reviews being made public and impacting your external reputation but also allows you to direct these to the client so they can respond and address the reason for the bad review.

To learn how to configure the look and feel as well as the management of good and bad review, follow one these detailed support guides:


This section enables you to look at all reviews that have been submitted by your leads and reply to them in the Reviews section. You can even edit a reply once it has been sent. It is good practice to acknowledge a review as makes your leads feel like you are providing a personal touch and their opinion matters, they will remember that you commented. This may influence them in recommending your company to others and also coming back for potential repeat business.

To learn more about how to manage your reviews and send review request, follow the detailed "Reputation Reviews" support guide.

Review Requests

This section allows you send review requests and manage those invitations. All you need is a name and an email address and your lead is sent an invitation, configured in the Funnel and Email sections, to provide a review on the services they received. If necessary, you can delete an invitation as well.

To learn more about how to manage and send review request, follow the detailed "Reputation Review Requests" support guide.


This section is simply an overview of all the negative feedback received from your leads. At present there is little functionality in this section other than to delete the feedback or a link to edit the company details.


This section is where you can configure how negative feedback is managed once received. You can set up one or more email addresses for the feedback to be automatically forwarded on to. This ensures that you client can take action to mitigate and rectify, if possible, the leads experience with a view to returning a positive review instead.

To learn more about how to automate notification management, follow the detailed "Reputation Notifications" support guide.


This section is used to create, automate or manually send either single or email drip campaigns requesting reviews from your leads. You can setup scheduled emails to remind leads to complete a review if they have not responded to the initial request. You can configure the Subject Line and Body of the Email for each one sent. Additionally you can setup the email SMTP settings for each company so that the requests, and follow ups, are sent from a recognised company email and not the Lead Generated system, which is the default.

To learn more about how to create email drip campaigns and configure each company's, follow the detailed "Reputation Email" support guide.

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